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Combining the Science of Nano Technology and the Power of Direct Distribution in Dentistry

A very significant part of what we do in Dentistry (directly or indirectly) has to do with either treating / managing infection, pain, inflammation and or wound healing. The entire Dental team is acutely aware of the challenges and complications which stem from the management of bacterial infections and wound healing in our patients. 

The vast majority of Dental clinics are also owned by one or two individual clinicians and as small business owners it is always a challenge managing our overhead – dental supplies are a large portion of these costs so, procuring sundry products at prices which allow us to remain competitive with larger corporate run dental companies is always a concern.

DDSource.com has created a web portal and a proprietary line of Nanotechnology dental products which allow Dentists to address both of these challenges.

Introducing a Clinically Proven, Patented, NanoSilver Technology called


Providing Dental Products with the following superior properties:

The Result is an All Natural NanoSILVER product line with Improved Clinical Results and better Patient Outcomes…

* Hydro-Nanon is a paradigm shifting technology with the proven ability to fight antibiotic resistant bacteria.
** Hi Log reduction kills against MRSA, VRE, CRE and MDR Actinobacter Baumanii.
*** Our NanoSilver particles are on average 5-7Nm in size. Particles less than 30Nm are by definition Anti-Viral.

THE DDSource.com advantage


Direct Dental Source Manufacturing, Inc and its DDSource.com web portal was created for Dentists by Dentists in order to provide superior products at superior cost savings by leveraging the power of a unique Hydro-Nanon Technology and a Direct to Dentist Distribution model.

Worldwide shipping


Best Prices

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Advantage of Superior Antimicrobial

Many of our products provide the unique value added Advantage of Superior Antimicrobial, Wound Healing benefit for the patient. These value added features and benefits help the Dental Team better manage their patients post operative pain, inflammation and disease which results in noticeable improved clinical outcomes – all at a much more reasonable price.

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